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Food By Fiat's Wild Ginger Stir Fry Paste

Fiat @ Food by Fiat - Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Food By Fiat’s Wild Ginger Stir Fry Paste

Introducing one of our most popular products from Food By Fiat’s Kitchen Essentials Range.

“Wild Ginger Stir Fry Paste” is one of our signature curry pastes. It has been made using the freshest ingredients including rare Thai wild ginger, which has been grown exclusively by our growers.

Wild Ginger, lesser ginger, Chinese Key or Krachai in Thai originates from Southern China and Southeast Asia. The plant has broad elongate leaves supported by reddish to light green and brown stems. Mature plant will have pretty pink-purple flowers with ruffled edges just above the ground generally hidden by the foliage. All parts of the plant are edible especially the aromatic clusters of long and slender roots. The plant requires 6-8 months of nutrients rich soil and golden sunshine to mature and to be ready for harvest.

Food By Fiat’s Wild Ginger Stir Fry paste is a great all rounder paste. It is also the least spiciest curry paste from our range (about 5 out of 10 ratio in term of degree of spiciness), very manageable indeed! It is probably the easiest and quickest curry paste from our range to cook and prepare. It is also gluten-free, vegetarian friendly and no coconut cream is required!

It is the same paste we use for one of our signature dishes available at Carriageworks farmers market every Saturday, 

“Wild Ginger Grilled Spatchcock With Saffron Sweet Chilli Sauce, Coconut And Turmeric Rice”

Below are some of the suggestions on how to use our Wild Ginger Stir Fry Paste.

How To

For Stir Fry – Heat small amount of oil in a wok, add about1 tablespoon/person of Food by Fiat's Wild Ginger Stir Fry paste into the wok. Fry the paste over a medium heat until releases aroma, add your choice of protein (any type of meat, seafood or even vegetable protein like tofu or mushrooms will be fine, for me I like to use chicken, calamari and prawns).

Stir fry over the high heat until the protein is almost cooked then add your preferred vegetables. I like to use Thai Green Apple Eggplant (quartered), Snake Beans (cut into about 1 inch length), Pea Eggplant, Baby Corn, etc.

After that add torn Kaffir lime Leaves for additional fragrance and then season with fish sauce, oyster sauce and/or soy sauce, adjust the taste to you liking. 

For Marinate – 1 jar of our Food by Fiat's Wild Ginger Stir Fry paste will be enough to marinade for about 2 kg of meats, seafood or vegetables. To make an easy marinate paste simply add a few tablespoons of oil along with your preferred seasonings like fish sauce, oyster sauce and/or soy sauce to the wild ginger paste. Use this seasoned paste to marinate you choice of protein. Cover and leave it to marinate in the fridge for at least 3 hours, better left over night. After that it is ready to be cooked (BBQ, roast or pan fried, etc.).

Wild Ginger Hot Sauce – In the saucepan, heat up Food by Fiat's Wild Ginger Stir Fry paste and fry until releases aroma. Add freshly squeeze lime juice and small amount of fish sauce/soy sauce/salt to the paste. Cook a little bit more until the paste is reduced slightly. Taste the sauce and adjust the taste to your liking. This wild ginger hot sauce is great for grilled meats and seafood. 


Garlic, Lemongrass, Chillies, Canola Oil, Wild Ginger, Turmeric, Salt, Basil, Kaffir Lime Leaf

Keep refrigerated, at all times.


  • Food by Fiat Stall at Carriageworks Farmers Market every Saturday except the Saturday of the long weekend.
  • All Hudson Meats Stores (Rose Bay, Lane Cove, Cammeray, Mosman, Drummoyne, & Toorak VIC)
  • Or email us at and we can arrange for it to sent by Australia Post. P & H maybe applied.


Food by Fiat’s Wild Ginger Grilled Chicken

4 Free Range Chicken Maryland

3 Tbs. Food by Fiat's Wild Ginger Stir Fry Paste

2 Tbs. Fish Sauce

2 Tbs. Soy Sauce

1.5 Tbs. Oyster Sauce

3 Tbs. Blended Vegetable oil


Cut a few small diagonal incisions on both sides of the chicken Marylands.

Mix the curry paste with all of the sauces (Fish Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Soy Sauce) together in a bowl. Taste it and adjust to your liking.

Add the blended vegetable oil to the marinated paste and stir until combined.

Marinate the chicken in it; make sure that the marinated curry paste coats through the chicken pieces. Leave it covered in the fridge for at least 3 hours.

To cook, simply BBQ the chicken pieces until cooked on both sides, it should take about 15 minutes or so.

Serve Food by Fiat’s Wild Ginger Grilled Chicken with sweet chilli sauce, salad and/or rice.


This recipe is great for chicken, which I like to use free-range chicken Marylands. I found this cut of chicken quite tasty and very suitable for this dish. You can also use this recipe for other meats and seafoods.

For Fish Sauce, I highly recommend the Megachef brand. It has a beautiful fine taste.

For Soy Sauce and Oyster Sauce, Megachef brand is probably the best brand to use as well. And the good thing about it is that they are also gluten free.

This recipe is only the guideline, please adjust the taste to you liking.