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Exotic & Native Fruits Marshmallows

Fiat @ Food by Fiat - Thursday, August 10, 2017

"Exotic & Native Fruits Marshmallows"

Sweet treats for all!

I must admit that I have a sweet tooth. Since I was young for as long as I can remember, whenever I go to a restaurant, I have always looked at the desserts and sweets menu first. On many occasions, I would plan my meals around it! It is a funny habit I know but by knowing the sweet ending part of the meal beforehand is kind of a reassurance that I am on the right track to plan a meal that I can really enjoy. I guess that comes from the inner child in me!   

Same rule applies to my cooking and creations.  As for everything that I cook and prepare, it starts with a quality ingredient that inspires me. In most cases if I knew the ingredient, I would then access my taste memory of that particular ingredient as well as trying to recall on how I used, prepared and cooked it. I also think about certain dishes featuring that ingredient along with other complimenting ingredients which I have seen, tried and loved. For unfamiliar or new ingredients, I will do some research and then let my intuition and all my senses guide me.    

Once I let the memory, information and thoughts come together, it generally gives me an idea and in most cases a picture in my mind of the finished dish that highlights the key ingredients in terms of flavor, texture, fragrance, appearance and overall harmony. After that I deconstruct the dish, work backward to figure out different methods required to achieve the final result.   

With a primary goal to celebrate the great Australian grown produce in mind, I want to create something special that not only will showcase the quality and diversity of our exotic and Australian native produce but also the sweet treats that everyone can enjoy.   


For these marshmallows, I use citruses & edible flowers (most of which are grown at our farms), interesting exotic produce as well as Australian native produce from Outback Pride Project. The flavors change regularly according to what is best at a time.

Available only at Food by Fiat Stall @ Saturday Carriageworks Farmers Market