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Our Edible Flowers

Fiat @ Food by Fiat - Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Our Edible Flowers


Edible flower is something that has a very special place in my heart. It has a significant meaning and somehow integrating into many aspects of my life.

Firstly from my early childhood, I remember that edible and fragrant flowers were part of our family offerings to the monks and the Buddha statues at the temple. In every month, there is a day called “Wan Phra Yai” or simply speaking Thai Buddhist holy day, on that day we would generally prepare the offerings by the early morning.

The offerings would have to include different types of food from snacks to desserts, fruits, flowers, a small donation to the temple and lastly but most importantly water (as it is believed to be the meaning of life, the living and the being).

The flower for the offerings would likely to be lotus flower (which signify different stages and pathway to enlightenment), the fragrant flower garlands (mostly Thai jasmine and rose).  And no you cannot enjoy the floral perfume by smelling it, because they were for Buddha, according to my mother!

"Flower Garlands For The Temple Offerings" 

The similar thing goes for home. It had become my duty to change these fragrant jasmine garlands every week for the offering of the Buddha statues at home. At a time I could not understand why but as I grew older now as it became apparent, my parents would like me to maintain the Buddhism tradition, moral and way of life, in which I am still practicing today.

Later on I realized that edible flowers have sneakily migrated into my everyday life, thanks to my mother. They came in the form of drinks from jasmine tea, rosella, chamomile and rosehip to many of my favourite ingredients in food like yellow hummingbird flowers in omelette, Pumpkin flowers for curries, torch ginger for salads, butterfly pea flowers and rose petals for sweets.

Edible flowers have long been used since the ancient time. They were first recorded about their uses in 140 B.C. Each of the edible flowers has different characteristics in terms of taste, texture, scent and appearance. Many of the edible flowers also have many benefits, for example nasturtium has the cancer fighting  properties, viola and violets have anti-inflammatory properties, elderflower can help to reduce fevers and the list goes on.

To me edible flowers are like the love at first sight. They fill the room with their floral scents and bring happiness to me every time I see them. They also remind me of the many great and memorable experiences I have had growing up in my family.

At our farms, I grow a most of these wonderful edible flowers we use and supply, ranging from our signature flowers like butterfly pea, Tonkin jasmine, hummingbirds to hard to find varieties like heirloom peas, rare violets, etc. 

Apart from this, I have also been working with many chefs and passionate growers to grow many new interesting varieties each year as part of our specialised growing service.  

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