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Sunrise Asian Comes to Carriageworks Farmers Markets

Anthony @ Food by Fiat - Friday, June 16, 2017

Sunrise Asian Comes to Carriageworks Farmers Markets

The cult restaurant, grocer and exotic produce dealer has opened as a market stall in Eveleigh.


Photography: Jiwon Kim    

Published on 13 April 2017


There’s a new stall at Carriageworks Farmers Markets that sells little Mexican cucumber bulbs that burst in your mouth; boxes of hummingbird flowers; and punnets of native greens and wild ginger with coconut and turmeric rice, made entirely from Australian-grown products. Sunrise Asian is back.

After unexpectedly closing last year, the cult Elizabeth Bay restaurant-grocer, known for promoting native ingredients and South East Asia’s more obscure herbs and vegetables (and sometimes mixing the two), is now at the weekly markets under the name Food by Fiat.

One of the reasons for the name change is that now almost every edible morsel is grown, harvested and cooked by the owner, Fiat Malaniyom. “Everything is by me. The food is from my very own garden,” he says. “It’s truly seasonal cooking. Whatever is good weekly, I just pick it on the morning before I come here.”

Like the recently closed restaurant, the store is split between two services: dolling out fresh produce (with tips from Malaniyom on how to use it) and pre-made sauces and curry pastes, as well as serving the same ingredients in the form of three ready-to-eat dishes, rotating between an omelette, salad, a rice dish, curry or dessert.

For the first two weeks, the menu has featured wild ginger grilled chicken with coconut and turmeric rice; a green papaya and mango salad with prawn floss and cashews; and a sticky-rice dessert. "We've also just introduced a ready-to-cook pack. I pick the produce for the week, whatever is best, and put together a pack to try at home. Today [last Saturday] I'm doing a hummingbird-flower omelette. There’s everything you need in the packet to put it together,” he says.

Malaniyom has plans for Food by Fiat to pop up in other locations in the future.

The Carriageworks Farmers Market is on every Saturday.