"Food that excites, inspires and celebrates the diversity of the great Australian grown produce

It is the food that I discovered, grow, enjoy, create, cook and share with love and care from the heart"


Food by Fiat was created by Fiat Malaniyom in early 2017 with a goal to celebrate the quality and diversity of the great Australian produce

We offer a range of products and services in

  • Fresh Produce from personalised produce consultant, provedore and specialised growing services
  • Food from catering, cooking classes to ready to cook and ready to eat meals
  • Products from Food by Fiat Kitchen Essentials Range


About Fiat Malaniyom

Fiat is a Restauratuer, Chef, Passionate Grower, Founder of Sunrise Asian, Australian Produce advocate and Exotic Produce Specialist and Consultant.   

From an early age Fiat has always been involved in the food and restaurant business. He came from a family that run many successful restaurants in Thailand for more than a decade. It was at his family, Fiat has developed a passion for great produce and great food cooking with love and care from the heart.  

In the late nineties, Fiat started work at Capiche Café ran by Kate Goulstan who sparked his interest in the Australian hospitality industry. 

Around the same time, Fiat also worked under the guidance of Chalida Rathanatae a well respected Thai restauranteur who owned and operated Sydney’s first and longest running Thai restaurant at the time (est. 1977) called “Siam”, this is where he gained valuable insight about fresh Asian produce and ingredients which were just slowly being introduced to Australia.

Later on Fiat had an opportunity to work and be mentored by chef David Thompson and Tanongsak Yordwai at Sydney Sailors’ Thai Restaurant, which further his experience and knowledge in all aspects of the restaurant operation as well as professional service.

In 2003, Fiat took on a group managerial role to run and mange all eateries at Grace Bros (now Myer).

In 2005, from a casual meeting, David Thompson, Tanongsak Yordwai and Fiat had a discussion about the need for quality Asian produce. The pair encouraged Fiat to start a venture in sourcing, growing and supplying the great quality Australian grown produce for the restaurant and food industry. As a result Sunrise Asian was established.

Find out more about Sunrise Asian.

In August, 2015, Fiat opened Sunrise Asian – Restaurant, Provedore & Retail Food Store @ Elizabeth Bay. The restaurant offered a true Australian produce driven menu using the best produce sourced, grown, created and cooked by Fiat. The retail food store offered Fiat’s small artisan products, ready to cook/eat meals as well as Fiat’s Signature Kitchen Essentials Range.

In a short amount of time, Sunrise Asian had gained many positive reviews, some of which are listed below:    

“The Top 50 Restaurants in Sydney – Sydney’s Best Restaurants”  “it’s the restaurant that excites, with a menu that offers some of the most tantalising and unusual compositions in Sydney” 
The Daily Telegraph by Elizabeth Meryment, Grant Jones and Victoria Hannaford.   

“Exotic, fresh, mostly organic, sustainable, ethical and bloody delicious” 
The Australian by John Lethlean, February 2016   

“Beauty, rich and rare. A grower of unusual plants creates magic on a plate.” 
The Sydney Morning Herald, by Candice Chung, February 2016  

“A Potts Point secret. One of the wildest’s menu in Sydney is hidden in a grocer.” 
Broadsheet Sydney by Nicholas Jordan, January, 2016   

“Chef Fiat Malaniyom has no formal training with his Thai-influenced cooking, but the flavours and innovation that can be found in his dishes would have you fooled.” 
The Urban List by Steph Lee, April, 2016 

In October 2016, unfortunately due to the sale of the premise, unfortunately Sunrise Asian had to close it's doors.

From 2017, Fiat continue to share his passion for the great Australian grown produce, great food cooking with great love and care through “Food by Fiat”.  

To enquire about Fiat's Personalised Food & Produce Consultancy, Provedore and Specialised Growing Services to Private Catering, Cooking Classes please contact here