Food By Fiat at Carriageworks

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Food by Fiat Stall @ Saturday's Carriageworks Farmers Market 


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Fresh and interesting produce from our farms

We believe in local, ethical and sustainably grown produce. We have integrated this philosophy into everything that we do at Food by Fiat. At our farms, we grow a diverse range of produce from traditional & rare varieties, great but forgotten heirlooms, Australian native produce as well as newly discovered varieties.

Ready to eat/take home meals

A simpler, better & easier way to enjoy fresh and tasty restaurant quality meals with minimum fuss anywhere at your own convenient time.

Ready to Cook

Every week we put together our ready to cook packs using fresh & interesting produce from our farms. The produce that we put together may change from week to week depending on what is best in order to encourage a true seasonal living & produce-driven cooking. 

Food by Fiat kitchen essentials product range 

Our Kitchen Essentials range are made in house with utmost love and care. We only use the freshest ingredients, with not added MSG, artificial colours, flavours or chemical preservatives. Traditional methods and modern techniques are employed to preserve integrity, authenticity and quality. The result is truly exquisite and sublime. The range includes our signature curry pastes, salad dressing, sauces, seasonal pickles, etc.

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Our 2019 Market Days

Saturday 9th February

And then the first Saturday of every month

Saturday 2nd March

Saturday 6th April



General Enquiries 

To enquire about Fiat's Personalised Food & Produce Consultancy, Provedore and Specialised Growing Services to Private Catering and Cooking Classes, Please contact us here.